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Ciao! Lagotto Lovers!


We are Lagotto Romagnolo enthusiasts and huge fans of this special breed. We enjoy competing in AKC sports that include conformation, agility, rally and others. We invest joy, pride, love, money and time into breeding a litter of puppies so that we can continue our pursuit of dog sports.


We breed a litter of puppies with the goal of superior temperament, health and classic Italian characteristics. The Lagotto is a very special breed and we are working to preserve the companionability, trainability and endearing passion of these charming dogs.


Our dogs are our family and are each totally involved in our daily lives. Because of our commitment to providing each member of our family the best and richest life possible we keep only a few house dogs…which means we have amazing dogs to share!


A big part of why we are so successful at making our Lagotto buyers happy is because we choose families to partner with that share our vision and philosophies for exemplary guardianship.


Please read our mission statement that outlines the guardianship characteristics of the fine families we are looking for to share our wonderful dogs with.


Exciting News!


We are heading to Fort worth, Texas to compete at the AKC All Breed Dog Show hosted by the Fort Worth Kennel Club on March 24th, 2017 

fino lagotto with our colby
fino lagotto puppies for sale

Find out history and characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo.

lagotto puppies for sale

If you are considering to adopt our Lagotto puppies, please see our availabilities. Also please read our Mission Statement.

We are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Fino Lagotto Robin & Sheri

Sheri (left) & Robin (right), and our loving Lagotti !
And Coby, the Coton de Tulear “the man of the house” (You will see him in our photos and videos)


Read our testimonials from Lagotto Lovers!

Dear Robin,

“Happy New Year!

Thanks to you our dear Sergio is part of our lives, completing our family. We so much appreciate the goodwill and generosity you’ve shown to us.

We wish for you a year filled with health and happiness, peace and prosperity.

With hugs and gratitude,”

Gary, Tama, Amea, and Milan

Dear Robin,

“First I will report that our little guy is doing very well!  He is SO smart and has a very sweet personality!  We are totally smitten!!  He and our Portuguese Water Dog are getting along beautifully.   At first she wasn’t sure that she wanted a “little brother” and now they play very well!!!

 I do want to say again how much we adore him!  He’s so incredibly smart and sweet!!!!  As I said before, we’re totally “in love”!!!!!  (He loves to run on the golf course!)  “

Nance Diamond Tulsa OK


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