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I am a Lagotto Romagnolo enthusiast and huge fan of this special breed. I enjoy competing in AKC sports that include conformation, agility, rally and others. I invest joy, pride, love, money and time into breeding a litter of puppies so that I can continue my pursuit of dog sports.


I breed a litter of puppies with the goal of superior temperament, health and classic Italian characteristics. The Lagotto is a very special breed and we are working to preserve the companionability, trainability and endearing passion of these charming dogs.


My dogs are my family and are each totally involved in our daily lives. Because of my commitment to providing each member of my family the best and richest life possible I keep only a few house dogs…which means I have amazing dogs to share!


A big part of why I am so successful at making my Lagotto buyers happy is because I choose families to partner with that share my vision and philosophies for exemplary guardianship.


Please read the mission statement that outlines the guardianship characteristics of the fine families I am looking for to share my wonderful dogs with.


Exciting News!


We are expecting our 2018 Winter litter to arrive sometime in January 2018!

fino lagotto with our colby

Available Lagotto

Expecting litter in February 2019!

fino lagotto puppies for sale

Find out history and characteristics of Lagotto Romagnolo.

lagotto puppies for sale

If you are considering to adopt our Lagotto puppies, please see the availabilities. Also please read the Mission Statement.

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Robin and her loving Lagotto !

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Read our testimonials from Lagotto Lovers!

I feel so grateful that he came into my life

“When I was in Switzerland last time, ( its my home-country) I went to my old GP and asked him to do a total checkup. Everything, I said, the whole works. I hadn’t done it since 5 years , which at my age is not the best idea, I know. It felt like two years since, though!
Anyway, we did the whole shebang, and after five days I went back to him to get the results. He sat me down and told me that ALL me results were better than 5 years ago, and then they were not at all alarming… but average in my age-group. I’m 68 now. What have you done? Whats the big change?  he asked me. Without even thinking twice I said: I bought a dog, Zorba! He gives me happiness every day. I smile as as soon as I wake up because his wet snout touches softly my hand, to tell me it`s time to get up. I talk a lot to him, ( my husband can’t believe it!) and I spend my days in his company. And I walk ! I did some hiking before, but never as regularly as I do now and not as much as I do now. I love to be in nature with my Zorba, every single day and I experience the most beautiful and wondrous things out there. I feel so grateful that he came into my life.
He smiled broadly and said: and now you have even scientific proof that he is a real Medicin -Dog !  

Plus, I have to say, I can’t imagine more considerate and competent breeders than Robin and Sheri. They helped me a lot in the beginning and it was always a real joy to reconnect with them. And, since I still travel quite a lot, to know my Zorba can always be in his “family of origin” for boarding, is incredibly helpful.

Thank you!
Claudia Freund,
Santa Fe, NM

The FINEST of breeders

“There is the old saying, “a happy customer tells a friend and an unhappy customer tells the world”. Well we would like to turn that around and be “the happy customer that tells the world”. Fino Lagotto “Fine dogs for Fine Homes” is the FINEST of breeders having the welfare of their puppies first and foremost in mind. The experience with Robin and Sheri far exceeded expectations! The amount of time (which was a lot!) spent with us from commitment through actual puppy take home, armed us with the knowledge, experience and tools to feel confident in being able to provide the best continued care for this special breed. Upon arrival home, all who came to visit our new addition (Enzo) were in awe of the display of the already learned good behavior our 12-week old puppy came home with…a great foundation for us to expand upon. Robin and Sheri have become more of an extended family than just our breeder and we want to say thank you so very much for this most memorable and awesome experience.”

With warmest regards,

Don and Donna

Amazing experience we have had with Robin and Sheri at Fino Lagotto

We have bought many pure bred dogs, but never have we had the amazing experience we have had with Robin and Sheri at Fino Lagotto. They are there for you every step of the way. And Niko …. now 14 months … was the easiest puppy we have ever had. He was a dream to house break and train. He is smart!! And when we took him to be groomed in Arizona, the groomer said she had never had a young dog behave so well.”


Best in Show . . . Fino Lagotto!

Don’t mess around when buying a special breed like a Lagotto. Our breed will soon become more popular so stick with the one that knows it from way before AKC days. Fino Lagotto!


Simply amazing !

Fino Lagotto is in a class of its own. Robin and Sheri are the best. They treat each dog with loving care and dignity. They are always willing to do the little extra things to make each customer feel special. Dogs are their passion and it shows. Always willing to teach and spend time to make sure that your dog is receiving the best possible health and care. I want to say thank you for everything you did for me and my best friend.

Uncle Jerry

Dear Robin,

“Happy New Year!

Thanks to you our dear Sergio is part of our lives, completing our family. We so much appreciate the goodwill and generosity you’ve shown to us. We wish for you a year filled with health and happiness, peace and prosperity. With hugs and gratitude,” Gary, Tama, Amea, and Milan

Dear Robin,

“First I will report that our little guy is doing very well!  He is SO smart and has a very sweet personality!  We are totally smitten!!  He and our Portuguese Water Dog are getting along beautifully.   At first she wasn’t sure that she wanted a “little brother” and now they play very well!!!

 I do want to say again how much we adore him!  He’s so incredibly smart and sweet!!!!  As I said before, we’re totally “in love”!!!!!  (He loves to run on the golf course!)  “

Nance Diamond Tulsa OK


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